Beatrice Mahler

Manager of the Institute of pneumology Marius Nasta Bucharest


Beatrice Mahler is a Lecturer at Carol Davila University of Medicine Bucharest, Pneumology Discipline,Cardio-Thoracic  Department and works as a Senior Pneumologist at Marius Nasta Institute of Pneumology.

Currently she is a manager  of the Marius Nasta Institute of Pneumology from Bucharest. She graduated in 1999 the Medicine Faculty in Oradea, Romania, at the Oradea  University, and she is specialized in Pneumology. Her main interest in clinical work, teaching and research is tuberculosis, interstitial disease and bronchiectasis.

She was and is involved in Research studies as grants funded by Local or European bodies, 8 national or international clinical studies as principal investigator or subinvestigator, and she published 2 books, 9 book chapters and over 20 articles as principal author or coauthor in the area of pneumologi. She presented over 110 papers at national and international conferences and courses.

Since 2018, she has been actively involved in projects aimed at diagnosing and treating patients with tuberculosis, coordinating at the Marius Nasta Institute the largest tuberculosis screeening project in Romania funded by European funds, but also projects aimed at training medical staff in the pneumology network, or projects aimed at equipping national laboratories for the diagnosis of tuberculosis. She participated in the2018-2022 period in the meetings of the WHO delegation aimed at reforming the pneumology network in Romania, from the perspective of medical services, human resources, laboratory diagnosis and epidemiological surveillance. Since 2018,she has been responsible nationally in direct relations with ECDC, regarding the epidemiological reporting of tuberculosis cases in Romania.

Between April 2017 and February 2022, she was the Vice President of the Consultative Commission for of the Pneumology Romanian Ministry of Health. Since 2020, she is one of the communicators of the Ministry of Health on COVID-19 issues, and is  supporting the anti-COVID-19 vaccination, being involved in the national campaign to promote vaccination.

29.09 01.10 2022

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International symposium
Screening TB and migration in Europe

Marius Nasta Institute event coordinator
Dr. Mahler Beatrice

RoGer TB Event coordinator
Dr. Christoph Lange

Scientific coordinators:
Dr. Florin Dumitru Mihaltan
Dr.Elmira Ibraim
Dr. Cristina Popa
Dr. Antoanela Dragomir
Dr. Gina Ciolan
Dr. Ioana Munteanu
Dr. Burecu Madalina

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