The TB control program in Norway - from the perspectives of a hospital social worker

The perspectives of a hospital social worker

Terje Herman Wilter
Doctor at Oslo University Hospital Ullevål
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Patients’ rights, how to support irregular migrants, how to ensure cooperation from different actors involved in TB services/work

September 30, 2022
10:45 am
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29.09 01.10 2022

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International symposium
Screening TB and migration in Europe

Marius Nasta Institute event coordinator
Dr. Mahler Beatrice

RoGer TB Event coordinator
Dr. Christoph Lange

Scientific coordinators:
Dr. Florin Dumitru Mihaltan
Dr.Elmira Ibraim
Dr. Cristina Popa
Dr. Antoanela Dragomir
Dr. Gina Ciolan
Dr. Ioana Munteanu
Dr. Burecu Madalina


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