TB Coalition and the challenges of the war

TB Coalition and the challenges of the war

Lesia Khmel
TB Coalition Finance and programe Manager
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Co- authors:

Yuliia Kalancha, TBECExecutive Director

Vlada Rabinova, TBEC ProgrammeManager

As a regional advocacynetwork of civil society organizations and individuals from across the WHOEurope region working in Western and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia,TB Europe Coalition activities are aimed at strengthening the roleof civil society within the regional response to TB, and ensure political andfinancial commitments to end TB.

The Russian invasionof Ukraine caused an increase in the flow of refugees from Ukraine to the neighboringcountries of Eastern and Western Europe. Engagement of SCOs and communities canand should be a response to the current crisis for the countries' national healthsystems in finding people with TB and in providing unified services of psychosocialsupport, for people with TB aimed at improving their quality of life to avoidtreatment interruption, despite the move between countries.

Adapting a unified approachusing a Standardized package of community-based supportive services toimprove TB outcomes in the WHO Europe region became very acute.

September 30, 2022
12:25 pm
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29.09 01.10 2022

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International symposium
Screening TB and migration in Europe

Marius Nasta Institute event coordinator
Dr. Mahler Beatrice

RoGer TB Event coordinator
Dr. Christoph Lange

Scientific coordinators:
Dr. Florin Dumitru Mihaltan
Dr.Elmira Ibraim
Dr. Cristina Popa
Dr. Antoanela Dragomir
Dr. Gina Ciolan
Dr. Ioana Munteanu
Dr. Burecu Madalina


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